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The 3 key parts of news stories you usually don’t get at Newsless.org

The three parts are explained via good health reform reporting examples. They are: WHAT WE MISS (1): The longstanding facts, (2): How journalists know what they know, and (3): The things we don’t know As long as the news is structured solely around what just happened, journalists are going to be fighting a rough battle. […]

News Innovation |  New Business Models

News Innovation |  New Business Models. Jeff and group provide big biz answers to my questions. I like the prezi presentation of this narrative. Related articles by Zemanta Aspen FOCAS Reminds ‘Information Also Wants to Be Expensive’ (poynter.org) Beyond Price – Change Your Business Model to Escape Commoditization (wordsellinc.com) Innovation Flow – The Science of Flowing […]

Aspen NewBizNews 5

Aspen NewBizNews 5. I am so jealous and in awe of Jeff. This is a very cool presentation. An economy of words, wrapped in clean visualizations, and Jeff knows how to make the example budgets.