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When automated reporting misses the nuance

Here is a good post fro commonsense blog, by Doug Fisher

Podcasts Coming of Age

The station says the move puts it in a better position to continue to grow its talent pool and develop partnerships. Source: Some popular content specific podcasts are leaving the NPR stable to go to self-distribution. This comes after Ira Glass did the same with This American Life, and the success of the serial […]

Khan Academy Instructor Explains Why Coding Is Important – Business Insider

Khan Academy Instructor Explains Why Coding Is Important – Business Insider. This former Google employee who liked teaching code so much she quit Google and went to work with Khan Academy notes that Khan “has no business model.” But actually they do, in the sense that they produce a service/product that people want and value […]

Revised: the *four* kinds of FREE by Chris Anderson

The Long Tail – Wired Blogs.

The Future of the News Business: A Monumental Twitter Stream All in One Place | Marc Andreessen

Before the journalistic purists burst a fountain pen, consider that there are intermediate points between “holier than holy” and “hopelessly corrupt” when it comes to editorial content. Paying attention to the business doesn’t equal warped coverage. It does equal a growing business. There are many businesses that balance incentives and conflicts all day long. Those […]

Ezra Klein Is Joining Vox Media as Web Journalism Asserts Itself –

Great digital journalists consume and produce content at the same time, constantly publishing what they are reading and hearing. And by leaving mainstream companies, journalists are often able to get their own hands on the button to publish, which is exciting and gratifying. “If William Randolph Hearst and Bill Paley were alive today, they would […]

Think micropayments for media can’t work? Greg Golebiewski says you are wrong — paidContent

research shows that when given a choice between a paywall or micropayments, readers are overwhelmingly in favor of paying for specific pieces of content rather than signing up for a monthly or annual subscription plan — and that this is particularly true for younger users, who are often thought to be opposed to paying for […]

Adapt or Die: The ‘Moneyball’ Effect on Digital Media | Innovation Insights |

There is a paramount need for discoverability, for rapid creation of new offerings, for the flexibility to change products based on market reaction, and for the ability to monetize as-yet unknown business models. The key to success is to personalize each user’s experience and provide the functionality, feedback and offers that maximize his enjoyment of […]

‘A la carte’ journalism presents alternative to paywalls – Editors Weblog

Wheeler told The News Hook that has not determined its pricing structure, but it is considering market-determined prices, depending on individual articles’ popularity, and journalist-determined prices. He said he is convinced that readers are willing to pay for articles that interest them. via ‘A la carte’ journalism presents alternative to paywalls – Editors Weblog. […]

Your Reputation Will Be the Currency of the Future: Scientific American

Your Reputation Will Be the Currency of the Future: Scientific American. Now the use of reputation as social currency has got a sophisticated term to describe it : socialstructing. From the article Commodifying social contributions–turning these into currencies that can be accumulated, hoarded, traded, and invested–may have unintended consequences. It could undermine precisely the kind […]