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The biology of banking –

The biology of banking – There are ways to tame excessive displays of animal spirits, however. One is for trading rooms to employ more women and older men, in whom testosterone is less dominant. Their presence would, in the long term, lead to more stable and profitable activity, Coates argues. Another reform could […]

Interview with Dr. John Coates on Gut, Hormones, and Risk-Taking


The psychology of the rogue trader

BBC News – The psychology of the rogue trader. An article by John Coates, Author of The Hour Between the Dog and the Wolf Double or quits Trader comes clean: Trader doubles bet: Bet wins: Trader goes to jail; bank’s losses are small Trader gets away with it; bank is none the wiser Bet loses: […]

The value of your attention is worth money

Your Online Attention, Bought in an Instant by Advertisers – Yet for most of us, real-time bidding is invisible. About 97 percent of American Internet users interact with Rubicon’s system every month, Mr. Addante says, and most of them aren’t aware of it. That worries some federal regulators and consumer advocates, who say that […]

SuBMoJour – Sustainable Business Models for Journalism · A joint project with University of Tampere, USC Annenberg and Waseda University

The project was able to identify several revenue sources: advertising, paying for content, affiliate marketing, donations, selling data or services, organizing events, freelancing and training or selling merchandise. Where it was hard to evidence entirely new revenue sources, it was however possible to find new ways in which revenue sources have been combined or reconfigured. […]